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Succulent gifts for employee appreciation, marketing, sales, & more. Gift the most beautiful succulents in the world from our collection of custom succulent plants.


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Ways to make your
corporate gift special

Ways to Make Your Corporate Gift Special

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Include a general or unique message with each one of your succulent business gifts.

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Ways to Make Your Corporate Gift Special

Our Grow by Gifting Box

Our box is specifically designed to safely deliver succulents, while simultaneously creating a memorable unboxing experience for recipients.

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Ways to Make Your Corporate Gift Special

Choose Your Cactus or Succulent

Shop from 15 varieties of cactus and succulent plants. All of our succulents come straight from Western Cactus Farm in San Diego, CA. With over 50 years of experience in succulents we know a thing or two on how to grow the most healthy and colorful succulents. We are confident that your recipients will be ecstatic with their succulent gift.


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    Ways to use our corporate gifts

    Customer acquisition:

    Utilizing corporate gifts is a great way to help get your foot in the door and show your prospective customers how you can help them grow. Become the ultimate closer with promotional gifting our succulents.


    Customer retention:

    Our corporate gifts will make your customers feel special and valued. This sense of value and importance will encourage your customers to continue doing business with you, while simultaneously increasing average order value and revenue. Increase the average revenue from each customer and never lose another customer to the competition again!


    Employee appreciation:

    Using succulents as an employee appreciation gift is a unique and fun way to show employees they are valued and appreciated. Say goodbye to ordinary, impersonal, and valueless gifts and opt for an employee appreciation gift that will stand out from the rest.


    What makes Grow by Gifting special


    Why our corporate gifts work?

    Our corporate gifts serve as a great way to Engage, Acquire, and Retain customers and employees.

    77% of giftees report that a corporate gift makes them feel appreciated.

    67% of giftees believe that a corporate gift demonstrates that you or your company values their relationship.

    40% of giftees report a feeling of increased loyalty when receiving a corporate gift.

    40% of giftees report feeling an urge to work longer with a company after receiving a corporate gift.

    Incredible Return On Investment

    After receiving a corporate gift your prospects, customers, or employees will feel a sense of appreciation, loyalty, and value.

    For current customers, this sense of appreciation will motivate them to increase both the total number and value of sales with your company.

    Also, a heightened feeling of loyalty and value will encourage customers to continue doing business with your company, as opposed to going to other competitors.

    Likewise, for your employees, a heightened sense of appreciation will increase their productivity. This will lead to better job performance, synergy, day-to-day work, and sales acquisition.

    This increased feeling of loyalty and value will also increase employee retention and appreciation. Your employees will be encouraged to stay with your company longer and will be motivated to do better work.

    Increase Sales

    Acquiring new customers and building new relationships has never been easier with our unique succulent corporate gifts.

    Sending our promotional gifts to prospective customers will lay the foundation for a strong business relationship. Our promotional gifts will allow your prospective customers to feel prioritized, valued, and appreciated.

    Our corporate gifts can serve as a motivating factor for your prospective customers to select you over competitors.

    Showing a prospect that they will be prioritized, valued, and appreciated in your company is an incredibly difficult thing to communicate and likely is something that your competitors are unlikely to accomplish. Stand out from the competition by sending a strong, personalized, and unique message that your prospective customers will be valued with our promotional gifts.

    Why use corporate succulent gifts?

    Our guarantee

    We guarantee that you will be happy with your corporate succulent gift. We promise that we will only provide you with the highest quality cactus and succulents. As you embark on your corporate gifting journey, we will be with you every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Start growing amazing business relationships with our corporate succulent gifts today!