How Employee Gifts Create Growth From Within

How Employee Gifts Create Growth From Within
Ananya Mehrotra


Showing your employees how much you appreciate their time and hard work is an important and effective way to make sure they are happy within their role in the company and are incentivized to continue to work to their fullest potential. Whether you are welcoming new employees to your team or celebrating milestones with current team members, a corporate gift is the perfect way to show employees how much you value them. A customized succulent from Grow by Gifting is a great way to showcase your brand’s story while ensuring that each employee knows that they are important.

Connect With Your Employees!

Grow by Gifting helps to create an inclusive atmosphere by allowing you to send a personalized message with every succulent and work with our designer to customize the packaging of your gifts in a way that truly reflects your company values in a unique way. Not only is the process quick and convenient, but you can always be confident that your employees will receive high quality plants in perfect condition. We have over 50 years of experience growing cacti and succulents and know how to help you pick out the perfect gifts to create a strong connection with your employees.

The personal messages will show how much you care about your employees and the customized packaging will excite new recruits who are trying to get a feel for what the work environment will be like. Despite having competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancements, if employees don’t feel valued they will not feel satisfied in their role. If you enhance your company’s appeal by showing your appreciation for your employees when they first join your team, you will be sure to continue to attract talented workers.

Boost Morale and Incentivize Productivity!

Not only do personal gifts improve the morale of your employees but they ultimately help to reduce turnover as each individual is more likely to see a future in a company that values them. Not only will a gift increase productivity within the workplace but it will also save your company time and money as you will no longer have to invest in hiring new employees as often. Employee turnover hurts the company’s bottom line and hurts the staff as they are forced to take on an increased workload. By providing this token of gratitude, whether it is for a birthday, work anniversary, promotion, or just a holiday gift, you are creating a culture of mutual respect that your employees would find difficult to walk away from. 

It is clear that employees feel drawn to companies where they feel that their work is noticed and rewarded. If you choose Grow with Gifting, you can be sure that with every succulent you send, your employees are more content with their role and more likely to stay with your company.

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